Error Code 158

Error Code(DEC): 158 Error Code(HEX): 0x9EError Name: ERROR_NOT_LOCKEDError Description: The segment is already unlocked.

Error Code 157

Error Code(DEC): 157 Error Code(HEX): 0x9DError Name: ERROR_DISCARDEDError Description: The segment is already discarded and cannot be locked.

Error Code 156

Error Code(DEC): 156 Error Code(HEX): 0x9CError Name: ERROR_SIGNAL_REFUSEDError Description: The recipient process has refused the signal.

Error Code 155

Error Code(DEC): 155 Error Code(HEX): 0x9BError Name: ERROR_TOO_MANY_TCBSError Description: Cannot create another thread.

Error Code 154

Error Code(DEC): 154 Error Code(HEX): 0x9AError Name: ERROR_LABEL_TOO_LONGError Description: The volume label you entered exceeds the label character limit of the target file system.

Error Code 153

Error Code(DEC): 153 Error Code(HEX): 0x99Error Name: ERROR_INVALID_LIST_FORMATError Description: The DosMuxSemWait list is not correct.

Error Code 152

Error Code(DEC): 152 Error Code(HEX): 0x98Error Name: ERROR_TOO_MANY_MUXWAITERSError Description: DosMuxSemWait did not execute; too many semaphores are already set.

Error Code 151

Error Code(DEC): 151 Error Code(HEX): 0x97Error Name: ERROR_INVALID_EVENT_COUNTError Description: The number of specified semaphore events for DosMuxSemWait is not correct.

Error Code 150

Error Code(DEC): 150 Error Code(HEX): 0x96Error Name: ERROR_SYSTEM_TRACEError Description: System trace information was not specified in your CONFIG.SYS file, or tracing is disallowed.

Error Code 149

Error Code(DEC): 149 Error Code(HEX): 0x95Error Name: ERROR_IS_SUBST_TARGETError Description: An attempt was made to join or substitute a drive for which a directory on the drive is the target of …