When you attempt to install applications to run on Windows XP or Windows 7, but Windows cannot find the installation media, you may be prompted with an error 1706 message dialog containing the following text:
Error1706. Setup cannot find the required files. Check your connection to the network, or CD-ROM drive. For other potential solutions to this problem, see C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office 10\1033\SETUP.HLP.
If you encounter the error 1706 issue, follow these steps to resolve it:
  1. The original administrative installation may be unavailable, try to install from a network source that requires an Administrator Login and then install.
  2. Your CD may be dirty or damaged, try to clean or repair it and then install again.
  3. Your Office may be disabled, try to uninstall office programs and remove all the office files, then search “office.exe” from CD-ROM to reinstall Office.
  4. Sometimes missing or corrupt files can be a signal of faulty memory. Run a Memory test on your computer.

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