When you just downloaded Service Pack for Windows 7, then your computer may crash during restart and come up the following error message:
Fatal error C0000034 applyinh update operation 282 of 117664 (_00000…)
The fatal error C0000034 issue is caused by shutting down the computer after the Service Pack installation instead of restarting it, or installing repetitive updates along with the Service Pack. Follow the below steps to prevent this error from happening:
  1. When your computer is starting up, restart it and choose the option “Launch Startup Repair”.
  2. When the Startup repair starts, click cancel and then it will show a box, click “Don’t Send”.
  3. Click the “View advanced options for recovery and support” link, then it shows new windows and click Command Prompt at the bottom.
  4. In Command Prompt type “%windir%\system32\notepad.exe” and press enter.
  5. Notepad will be opened. In notepad go to File->Open, change the type of files notepad views from .txt to All Files.
  6. In Notepad, then go to C:\Windows\winsxs\ (or sometimes D:\, whichever drive Windows is installed on), in this folder, find pending.xml and copy it.
  7. Open the original pending.xml, the file is huge so it will load really slow.
  8. Press CNTRL+F and search for the “0000000000000000.cdf-ms” exactly.
  9. Delete the following text, yours will be some different:
    Your PC might not have all 3 sections of code (, , ). Just make sure you delete section “Checkpoint” and whatever other sections have “000000000000000.cdf-ms”. They will be right next to eachother.
  10. Save the file, close notepad, close Command Prompt, reboot your computer.

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